Achieving the highest standards in Photography, Design and Fine Art occurs when every link in the chain is Titanium. A combination of the very best in talent, equipment, materials and ‘cutting edge’ processes with meticulous attention to detail ensures we provide you with the very best.


Selecting the correct photographic medium is key to the success of the assignment. Film or Digital, we use the highest standards available in photographic equipment.

Photographic Prints

Anyone viewing prints at an exhibition of one of the 20th century masters of photography will know how silver based emulsions give additional depth to an image. To retain the qualities the photographer saw in the original subject after they have completed post-production, we outsource our printing to one of the top UK professional labs specialising in Fuji Crystal Archive Professional Photographic Paper (a true silver based paper). Exposed with RGB lasers and processed through RA-4 Chemistry Light Jet printing achieves continuous-tone prints without visible dots. To obtain comparable crispness, highlights and shadow detail with an Ink Jet would require an image of 4000dpi, due to photo quality simulated with half-tone dot patterns.

Artwork Prints

There would be no sense in the artist going to great lengths to mix colours on the palette to accurately represent a subject only to find the same meticulous approach was not being applied to the printing and proofing process. We achieve this by outsourcing our printing to an established and respected print house specialising in large format Giclèe printing. Using archival Hahnemühle Matt FineArt textured paper and Canon pigment inks (stable for 100 years), artists proofs are made from the final output medium, and not generic proofing paper. A print run is carried out, only after approval by the original Artist.

Print Presentation

The Photographer or Artists work is not complete after they have completed the post-production work or put the last brush stroke on the paper. They are involved with the inspection and approval process of the final print, whether unframed, mounted or framed.

Prints are available in sizes specified in the Print Sales Department, however to ensure perfect composition, there may be marginal changes in dimensions. We do offer bespoke print sizes, please contact us to discuss.

All of our mounted and framed prints are mounted on archival mount board.
Mount board surface and core colour choice are important in print presentation
and it is for this reason Cubesedge have selected a mount
specific to each print in the Print Sales Department.
However, if you prefer a different mount surface/core colour,
please contact us

At present A3 prints are the only size available framed.

Both Open and Limited Edition prints are supplied with a certificate of authenticity, signed by the Photographer or Artist upon approval of the print.

Limited Edition Prints will also contain the unique print number and run.

Print Dispatch

Unframed prints are dispatched in robust acid free cardboard tubing to ensure the print arrives with you in perfect condition.

Mounted prints are strengthened on both sides prior to dispatch with stiffened card.

We have developed a packaging technique for secure transportation of framed prints.


We believe the latest computer hardware and software is essential to work efficiently at the’ cutting edge’ of design for web and print. To this end, we choose to use the industry leaders in both hardware manufacture and software application packages.


We accept no less than the best in every link in our quality assurance and control chain. We often see companies overlook quality in one of their links, the most powerful and cost effective promotional technique, communication in print. It is no coincidence that the lowest prices for business cards, leaflets and brochures are often reflected in the quality of the materials used. We continually source the highest quality materials for print at the most competitive prices.

Our Pledge to you

Our quality system and your satisfaction with our products and services are our key responsibilities. In the event you have any concerns please contact us. We channel our enthusiasm and attention to detail into our Photography, Design for web and print, and Artwork and get no better reward than seeing people appreciate our work.